Interview with Dr. Ravid Shechter, Cofounder of My Milk

Dr. Ravid received her B.Sc in Biochemistry from the Technion Institute of Technology and her Ph.D. from the Weizmann Institute of science. Dr. Ravid's scientific expertise includes immunology, developmental neurobiology, stem cell research and central nervous system repair. She is a mother of two, both of which she proudly breastfed for a total of over 5 years while persisting with her successful full time scientific career. Dr. Ravid received many honors and prizes, including the prestigious John. F. Kennedy prize, in recognition of academic excellence and scientific accomplishments.

She holds a deep understanding of breastfeeding and human milk bio-analytics, alongside unique market insights as a devoted breastfeeding mother.

MyMilk was founded by Dr. Ravid Shechter and Dr. Sharon Haramati, with the goal of providing science backed, personalized tools to the mother for promoting breastfeeding and mother & infant health.

Dr. Sharon Haramati presenting on stage for Startup Battlefield at Tech Crunch Disrupt 2019 photo via

Dr. Ravid counts one of her major accomplishments as recently presenting on the main stage of TC Disrupt SF 2019, at Startup Battlefield with her cofounder Dr. Sharon Haramati. She also co-founded a not-for-profit organization for driving the establishment of the first human milk bank in Israel, "a great achievement by all parties involved," as she outlines, "Israel was the last OECD country without a milk bank. Donor milk is really life saving for premature babies, and this national milk bank will start distribution milk to hospitals soon."

Alongside these achievements, she's established the first human milk dedicated clinical laboratory, and designed a variety of breast milk laboratory tests that are already helping mothers with their breastfeeding challenges, such as breastfeeding pain, low milk supply and personal nutrition based on breast milk nutritional profiling.

To say that Dr. Ravid is well qualified for creating better solutions for breastfeeding would be an understatement, however, building a startup is never without its challenges, "Being one of the first is always challenging, even more so when dealing with a sensitive subject, such as breastfeeding. We have the challenge of proving breastfeeding is not a niche, and this is on top of the general difficulties when it comes to funding female led FemTech companies. And the normal product-market-fit challenges with a product that involves both hardware and software while working extremely lean. We do however see the actual abilities of our technology every day, so we really believe this can eventually become a must have product for all new mothers."

Part of overcoming challenges is knowing your reason why, she says, "We have realized there is a huge vacuum when it comes to tools helping new mothers cope with the challenges of breastfeeding. In the first decades of the 20th century, when medical technologies evolved steeply, women's needs were not only generally underserved, but also most mothers did not breastfeed, so breastfeeding was basically neglected from advanced diagnostics and advance care. Now we are in exciting times, when breastfeeding rates are high and rising, as the benefits of breastfeeding are well understood, and technology allows us to generate valuable tools for supporting mothers in achieving their goals. As breastfeeding is a significant endeavor for over 100 million mothers every year, and has the potential to impact the lives and health of 100% of future population, we are driven by the potential impact of our solutions.

At MyMilk, we improve the health and wellbeing of new mothers and their babies through direct breast-milk sensing. We developed the Mylee device, a hand held device and mobile health app, that enables a mother, for the f