Information is power: using tech to bridge the gender gap in healthcare

Like in many aspects of life, there remains an undercurrent of sex bias against women in healthcare. Whether it’s unconscious or deliberate, the presence of bias makes it difficult to create a level playing field in any arena. This bias, or gender gap, is resulting in substandard healthcare for women and girls around the world.

Sex Bias in healthcare exists

Sex bias in healthcare exists – both historically and in the present day. Breaking the bias calls for accelerated adoption of FemTech, more action in women’s health, and ongoing work to ensure women’s health is equally represented.

It seems obvious, but men and women are different. Yes, our reproductive organs are different, but it’s more than this. Our biology is different. Our biological sex can make us more likely to suffer from certain diseases. It can make us respond differently to internal (i.e. drugs) or external factors (i.e. stress). It can make us show different symptoms for the same diseases (i.e. heart attacks). Until recently, this wasn’t well known.