FemTech Funding 101: What founders need to know

It’s an unfortunate reality: despite growing interest and investment in femtech, the industry remains woefully underfunded. According to Wei Wu of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, femtech represents only 1.4% of aggregated capital that flows into healthcare. This is likely exacerbated by the fact that 80% of femtech companies are founded by women—and in 2020, only 2.2% of total venture capital funding went to women-founded companies.

“There’s always a topic du jour in VC… and [women’s health] hasn’t quite yet had its moment in the sun,” said Alexa Binns, an investor at Halogen Ventures.

“Let’s Fund FemTech: Breaking barriers to innovation for female health,” a recent conference co-hosted by FemTech Collective and Johnson & Johnson Innovation, aimed to bridge this gap. A range of industry-leading guest speakers covered topics from fundraising law to mergers and acquisitions, equipping founders with the information they need to succeed.

Here are seven takeaways from the conference that founders should keep in mind:

1. Put everything in writing from the beginning.