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FemTech Collective


FemTech Collective offers products and services that help female focused health technology startups overcome barriers to success. Startups are able to connect with fellow FemTech startups, mentors, investors, and consumers via our in person events, online media outlet and dedicated platform for communication.


FemTech Collective also offers various industry specific products for investors, companies, and consultants interested in understanding the landscape of the FemTech category and the startups innovating for female health. Membership in the FemTech Collective network offers access to databases, industry reports, and warm introductions throughout the year.


FemTech Collective’s mission is to catalyse quality innovation in the women's health technology space by providing strategic opportunities for entrepreneurs and the broader FemTech ecosystem.

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To be the leading business support service and strategic global network for entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals to connect, collaborate, and up-skill, and create better products and services for women's health.


At FemTech Collective our values are what guide us towards success. These are the things we believe in.

Positive impact

First and foremost, FemTech Collective supports and celebrates all women at every stage of life in their health journeys.

Holistic health

FemTech Collective does not see health conditions in isolation. We recognise the complexity of each individual’s health, and the value of understanding compounded health conditions and quality solutions.

Collaboration over competition

FemTech Collective understands the value of building partnerships across the industry to work towards the same collective goal: catalysing innovation to grow the global women's health technology ecosystem.

Innovation as the future

With the right environment, resources, and minds, the FemTech industry will lead the future of women’s health solutions.

Strong, trustworthy relationships

FemTech Collective's community is purposeful, credible, and industry-accelerating.


Megan Capriccio

Founder of Femtech Collective

Abstract Background


Megan Capriccio is the CEO & Co-Founder for the FemTech Collective. As an entrepreneur, product manager, and business strategist, Megan has dedicated her career to ensuring that women have more control over their realities: Health, education, and career. 

From researching the role of women on the international stage at the University of Sydney, to establishing companies that empower and celebrate women, Megan's various roles have gained her recognition as a champion for positive change for women.


As Co-Founder of FemTech Collective, Megan is currently working with and consulting for global and local women’s health companies, investors, and partners. She also a business coach for women to manage their health with the help of technology, and is re-educating the public on how healthy women create a healthy society.


Most recently, Megan was selected as one of Industry Wired’s Top 10 Influential Women Leaders to Follow in 2021.


We're proud and fortunate to work with incredible partners who are behind the scenes supporting our mission to connect the FemTech industry and drive important innovation.